Dreaming Of Size 0
Ally. 21. Omaha.
SW: 143
CW: 140
GW1: 125
GW2: 115

Forever striving to be thinner.
Working until I reach my own perfection.



Stay Fit

Start working for good, but summer is a great time to show off your hard work!! ;)

Coming back after almost a year…

I thought without this, I could maybe lose more.. 
so I went on a year long hiatus. But I think without inspiration and motivation, I was failing even more.

So i’m back.

And I’ve gained weight. And i’m going to get fit this time.

So here we go again… 





i cant get over this.

Can I just have these permanently on all the time?

This seems like a great invention…Anyone know what it is?

This is hypnotic, been sat staring at this gif for the past couple minutes

i kind of cant take my eyes off this.

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